How to modify linked tablature staff that appears in parts but not in conductor score

• Jan 24, 2019 - 15:29

I have this Musescore file that I've generated from a Guitar Pro file. I want to change the type of Guitar tablature that shows up in the Lead Guitar part. I would like to display a simple tab rather than the tab that shows the rhythm. But I can't seem to change the tab type.
1. The linked staff doesn't show up in the instrument list, because the conductor score doesn't show the tab part.
2. I can't change the tab type in the staff properties dialog box.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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There seems to be a bug in doing what you want to do.

I tried to create a part with the lead having a linked simple tablature. I added a tablature to the main score. I deleted the existing lead part and created a new one. I then when into the instruments dialog and deleted the linked staff, and the part was deleted also. I know it's not supposed to do that.

Solution, In the staff/part properties dialog, there is the advanced style setting button that open a window with tablature options. At the bottom left of the dialog is an empty dropdown and a button next to it that says "Reset to template" Use the dropdown to select the simple 6 string tab and press the "Reset to template" button and you will have the tablature you want. You can also further edit the tablature if there is something extra or missing at this point.

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