• Jan 26, 2019 - 03:49

On the MuseScore version before this most recent one (3.0.1), when parts were created, there was the option to play the part by itself without the rest of the score playing. Is there a way to do this on 3.0.1? If not, can we get it in the next update? I really find it helpful when I'm trying to isolate issues.


It was last available in version 2.3.2. There are discussion on how to best restore this, so it's probably going to be in one of the next couple of releases.

I am interested in this feature too.
Also suggest a function of playing instruments on the part louder than the rest of the score. I would find it useful becouse the instruments on the part can be heard much clearly without loosing the "context" of the rest of the band playing in background.

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Sure I can:) But consider I am writing an arrangement for brass section with 7 members. I have to change 7 instruments on mixer to "boost" the section sound (without loosing the context what the band plays) and than put it all back when I want to hear the final mix. This process must be repeated for each fraze... one easy button could simplify it, but it is not fundamental:)

I agree this is annoying, I use the parts to export each staff individually to an MP3, o each voice group can rehearse with hearing his/her own voice group only.

Now its one action Export parts (Each part has 1 (out of 4) voice staff and the piano staff for support), and I get an Mp3 file for each voice group.

In the new situation, I have to select Voice 1 + Piano in the mixer. export, select voice2 + piano in the mixer and export again and repeat this for all parts. This means much more work and more possibilities for error

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