Transpositions and key signatures

• Jan 27, 2019 - 12:50
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Opening xml file and using staff to change instruments, like clarinets. Changing keys, etc. You get correct transpositions of instruments, but key signatures are only showing in a few bars and old keys signatures are still showing. Also barlines are not complete. Attached is file.

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Looks OK to me, no barline issues to be seen (except a missing end barline in the laste measure of the top staff), keysigs at the start of every system
Maybe you need to include the xml file too and decribe the steps

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As far as the key signatures and transpositions, workaround is to save the file. Re-open and the key signatures and transpositions are correct. This issue seems to happen when you import xml that is in concert pitch and assign staves to transpose instruments. The key signatures don't appear correct on various staffs, but is corrected when saving. Re-open saved and keys and transpositions are OK. However the bar lines don't connect through score staves. I corrected this by selecting bar line and dragging point to bottom staff. This works for normal bar lines, except with double bars and the end bar line. I have to insert bar and copy contents to new bar and delete the bad measure and the correct bar lines, double or final appear correct.

Bar Lines
I'v found out why the double bar lines and final bar lines don't span staves. The selection in Inspector element, "span to next staff" is turned-off. Just highlight the staves and click "On" this span to next staff. It is fixed. Yea!
Thanks for all your help.

Your XML simply doesn't have any special barlines specified, no double barlines and no end barlines. MuseScore seems to just add the end barline to all but the 1st staff, but on XML export loses them again. Only once a real end barline gets added, the XML export contains that too:

      <barline location="right">

So the questions are:
a) why is this information missing in the original XML
b) why does MuseScore guess it partly right and partly wrong.
Obviously only b) is in our hands, a) you'd need to report to whoever created the XML

This is the screen shot before the fixes to the xml file, which includes saving to musescore format, which fixes the instrument transpose issues and adjusted the bar lines in the inspector.
Thanks again for your help and helping me work through this and making great pro program work well.

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I'm not clear on the actual problem here. Sounds there are several being discussed. Could someone open separate issues for the separate problems, with clear steps to reproduce for each?