• Jan 28, 2019 - 00:47

How do you install a plugin. I know there is a plugin part of the forum but I don't see how to get there.
I have the plugin I know how to unzip it but then what?

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Sadie Vamps in G.mscz 24 KB


You can reach the effect of that plugin in a different way though: right click one note head > Select > All similar, then in Inspector change the color to black

I apparently didn't look at your score before. What you are seeing is notes outside of the range of the instrument, which is the TB voice in this case. You have written everything in treble clef and few men can sing that high outside of using falsetto. You need to move everything down an octave (select the staff and press ctrl+down arrow) then insert the treble clef with an 8 under it. All of you notes should return to black and it will sound better.

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