Playback of looong notes

• Jan 29, 2019 - 07:04

In string assembly arrangements we see looong notes, sometimes tied over several measures.

During playback (or export of audio) these notes play incorrectly with SFZ synthesizer options.
Playback with sf3 Fluid fonts seems ok.

But any SFZ font disrupts playback of these notes. Whether notes are tied or single, if they are too long - they just stop playing suddenly leaving a "gap" in the score audio.

Attached is a simple violin file. Please try different SFZ synthesizer fonts and play it. You will notice that long note stops suddenly - and in a different spot - depending on the SFZ font you have chosen.

Is this the problem with SFZ fonts or the way Musescore implements them?


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test-longnotes.mscz 3.85 KB


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