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• Jan 30, 2019 - 19:24

This is something, that happens now after I downloaded MuseScore 3:

If I want to start a new score, the screen is too big for my computer. I cannot see the bottom and click on buttons like "Next", "Ok", etc. I cannot move the screen up or down to reach the "bottom".


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New Score (too Large), 01-30-19.mscz 5.84 KB


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I checked a few things out, but I don't understand anything of it.
I am a composer using my computer (with MuseScore) to compose and publish my works at
Until now I had NEVER problems like this.
There must be a bug in MuseScore 3, that this happens: the monitor is too small for the size of MuseScore's screen.
I need an explanation in SIMPLE ENGLISH, how I can correct this.
Please help!

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If you check out the links given before, tell us at which point specifically you are having trouble understanding, and we can try to help better. But the bottom line is, you need to follow those instructions to learn to use the command line options and add "-D xxx" where xxx is the resolution of your monitor.

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