Score Not Uploading; no Feedback

• Jan 31, 2019 - 16:49

On the website, I'm trying to re-upload a score that I recently deleted from the site. So I put the file in, entered all the info (title, description, tags, etc.), and clicked "Save", and LITERALLY NOTHING happens. I get ZERO feedback or reaction from clicking "Save". It doesn't redirect me to an error page or to my profile page (which sometimes does happen when I upload other scores), just the "Save" button turns a darker shade of blue. Also, this only seems to happen when I try uploading certain scores.


You would need to use for problems originating on the site. This is which is dedicated to the program. You may want to attach the problem score here and refer to your post here so they can see which score is causing problems. I'll also look at the score to see if there is an obvious problem that would cause it not to upload.

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