• Feb 3, 2019 - 16:07

Just tested on a toy score the new input mode from Marc: a dream comes true.


1) How to get fingerings near the note as in V2 and not far from the note?
V2 did:
V3 does:

2) How to define shortcuts to LH fingering and to RH fingering?
Searching on "fing" in shortcuts only allows general fingerings, not LH or RH:


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There seems to be a little misunderstanding here. That said, I'm not throwing the stone at anyone, I had the same one at first :)
So, there are no shortcuts for that new feature. No need, simply.

The first idea, to get what you want (from your V2 image), would be to create a custom text style. Unfortunately, for the time being, these custom text styles, at least their X/Y settings, are lost after saving.

That said, there is a good trick. From what I see, only the left hand fingerings can "work"/move within the measure. It's the gateway to get what you want.
First you have to go to Format/Style/Text styles/LH fingering: and I think the setting: +1.00 sp (X) and - 1.60 sp (Y) is pretty good for you.
You can keep this setting (or closer) as a template afterwards, as you know.

Once this is done:
1) On the first note, enter a LH fingering, as usual (drag/drop, double-click, no matter), for example "1".
Now, that's really where the fingering mode comes in.
2) Double-click on "1": you are in edit mode
3) Press the space key, the cursor goes to the second note: type, strictly as text: "m" or "i", or "a".
And continue in the same way (to go back, Shift + Spacebar)
4) Finally, once finished, just edit the "1" for the real fingering you want "m" or "i" or "a".

I have prepared a small test file for this : Template fingering test.mscz

EDIT: as alternative, start to enter a RH fingering, and continue like that (double-click first fingering/Space/m/Space/i etc.) and once finished: select all similar elements, and change Fingering style in Inspector (for LH fingering, with the custom setting so)

Fingering is unfortunately quite subjective, but Gould is quite explicit that fingerings should not be on the staff if it can be avoided. Which is to say, 2.32 did it wrong, 3.0.2 gets it right. But if you wish to deliberately violate this rule for some specific fingerings, turn off autoplace for them, and then you can overlap the staff all you like.

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Currently, you don't, but see the answer from cadiz1 above - basically, enter one fingering and then while in Edit mode, Space keeps entering more of the same style. One way to enter the initial fingering is to use the palette then double-click the fingering, another is to use the shortcut to enter one fingering, then change the style using the Inspector.

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