Zoom In/Out in MuseScore3

• Feb 3, 2019 - 20:09

Zoom in with Ctrl-Plus doesn't work any more in the standard way for Windows: namely, Ctrl-= on the alphanumeric keyboard. In other words, it shouldn't be necessary to press Shift as well.

It's easy enough to fix using Preferences/Shortcuts to add Ctrl-=, but I hope Ctrl-= won't get used for something else!

Incidentally, I would be much happier if we could zoom in and out using the MouseWheel (point and zoom as in Google Earth). Getting the geometry right isn't hard. But of course, that should be an enhancement request.



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Thanks, Ziya and Mike. I admit that last paragraph was my subjective preference, maybe because I am more used to using graphic programs (drawing, photography) which allow smooth zooming in to details.

I dislike having to combine the scroll wheel with something on the keyboard. The normal scroll action seems to me wasted for scrolling a score up and down, because you can do it equally well by dragging with the left mouse button. And I miss that continuous zooming! Keyboard zooming goes in annoyingly large jumps by comparison. Never mind, there are more important things to fuss about. Sorry about that!


nevertheless, i would also like to see mouse_wheel_scroll for zoom in/out, at least as a changeable option, perhaps under 'shortcuts'.

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I also would like to have configurable shortcuts for scroll/zoom with the mouse wheel.
Especially because I am used to Photoshop shortcuts, where Ctrl+wheel scrolls horizontally and Alt+wheel zooms (the opposite of MS), and switching the muscle memory every time I switch software is not easy!

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