How to move copyright notice up

• Feb 6, 2019 - 19:32

I write and transcribe short fiddle tunes, which often don't fill a whole musescore page to the bottom. When I add a copyright notice it goes on the very bottom of the page, and apparently can't be moved. Since my pieces are short I edit them for online viewing and want the copyright notice to show without having all that empty space.

Is there a way to place the notice at the end of my music rather than at the literal page bottom?


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You can also adjust the adjust the bottom of the page margin. This will also move the copyright notice.
Format >> Page Settings >> Odd Page Margins - Adjust the bottom box in this section.
To adjust the even page bottom margin:
Select the Two Sided text box, and then go to Even Page Margins and adjust the bottom box.
Go back and deselect the Two Sided check box, if the score will be printed on separate pages. This should not alter the adjusted margin for the Even pages.

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