Musescore3 Side Step Bug

• Feb 8, 2019 - 05:24

I was almost finished a 131 measure choral piece I was arranging for a group.
I had to add a measure and notes about 2/3 of the way through.
The piece was in 2/4 time.
After I had completed the addition of the referenced measure , successfully, I found that the measures after the area reworked had sidestepped. The note or notes corresponding to the first beat of the measure moved to the second beat, and the note or notes formerly on the second beat now moved to the first beat of the following measure! This followed to the end of the score.
I spent hours this morning trying to reverse this bug, and was finally forced to print, delete, and rewrite the balance of the score from the printed, now off set, measures.
Did this bug bite any others?
Art Schubert
Editor/Arranger For The Sierra Canyon Singers
Reno, NV


You did it wrong or this would not have happened. Reentering large pieces of the score in this case is unnecessary. you can cut and paste the notes to put them back on the beats you want them on.

I don't know what you did wrong. You can add beats to measures by press ctrl+shift+ a note name. You can delete beats by pressing ctrl+del so you probably did one of those to cause the beats to rearrange.

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