Making corrections to a B Flat clarinet part which I have scanned (using Capella scan) before I can transpose it for strings

• Feb 9, 2019 - 15:48

bonjellos ( sent a message: I have transcribed a clarinet in B Flat part onto Musescore 3 using Capella scan8 and although most of it has come through the process reasonably well I still have quite a few minor alterations to make before I can transpose it. E.g. please can someone tell me how to insert an extra quaver between 2 existing quavers which are already connected by a beam? I will also have quite a few more questions to ask so how do I contact the relevant forum for technical questions of this nature ?


Difficult to tell without a score, but I guess instead of 2 8th notes you really want a triplet over a quarter note, 3 8th with a triplet number over the beam

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I have had some success thanks to your advice but as there are such a large number of corrections to make to the transcribed score I realize that it is too complicated for me, at my beginner stage, to make it note-perfect.
I would, however, like to know how to delete an incorrect key signature. The first movement is written in C major and for the first 30 bars or so it has been transcribed correctly but after that it inexplicably goes into G major (F sharp in the key signature). I feel that as long as I can maintain the right number of bars and the correct key signature I will be able to transpose the score and print it off. Then I can (hopefully) correct the outstanding errors with Tippex. I know this is "cheating" but I hope this will not cause offence to the Musescore community.

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