Bug: bar numbering broken

• Feb 10, 2019 - 16:36

I'm trying to create a jazz chart. Started with the "Jazz Combo" sheet, then removed instruments to get what I need (alto sax, piano, bass). I then created all parts and am entering notes into the bass part.

I've turned bar numbering on at the start of each line and it's behaving really oddly -
(a) can't count so the number is wrong;
(b) if I try to change this by adding in extra +1 or -1 to get the right number, adding a change in bar X changes what is displayed on the previous line.

Is this a known problem? If not, I'll work on a minimal repeatable test case.

OSX 10.14 (Mojave)


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Measure numbewring is not enabled on that score. If I enable it, measure numbers do appear.
These seem wrong though, but that is due to you having excluded numerous measures at the start of the score from measure count. Mayne in an attempt for them to break multi measure rests? If so use the corresponding setting instead.
You'd need to correct that for score and all parts

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