Palette search only uses last word

• Feb 11, 2019 - 16:26
Reported version
S4 - Minor

When using the Search Palette feature, only the last word typed in the search field is used for the search. This can lead to incorrect selections being presented.

Note, I am using a screen reader and acknowledge that use of the palette only has partial accessibility support. So marking the severity down to minor as for me it is major, but for others it will likely not be such an issue.


1. Create new score, single line, treble clef will do, but any template can be used.

  1. Enter a few notes, e.g. crotchets, C, D, E, F, G,, F, E, D, C.


We now demonstrate the problem:
In all cases:
3. Navigate to a note, bar line etc as needed.

(For test):
4. Open the Master Palette by pressing Shift+F9.
5. Cursor Down through the tree view to find correct category; Press Tab; Cursor Left/Right through the available symbols and verify the name of the symbol to insert.
6. Close the Master Palette and return to score.
(End for test).

  1. Press F9 to navigate to the Palette Search box and enter the name of the symbol you want to insert. Press Cursor Down to select the first search result then press Enter to add to score.

In the examples below, the incorrect symbol is inserted and the list of results show that only the last word typed is used for the search, rather than the entire search text.


Example 1:
In the Master Palette, under Fingering, we find there is a symbol called "Fingering 1" (without the quotes.
So, in the Search Palette field, type "Fingering 1" (without the quotes).
This should ideally find "Fingering 1" as typed, but the first search result, rather than being anything to do with fingering, is a treble clef sign with 15ma alta octaviation.
Only the "1" was used for the search to find this symbol. "Fingering" was ignored.

Example 2:
In the Bar Lines category, we find a symbol called "end repeat".
So, type "end repeat" (without the quotes) into the search box and the first match that is displayed is "start repeat", the exact opposite of what I actually wanted.
Only the word "repeat" was used for the search.

Example 3:
In the Articulations category, there's a symbol called "accent above".
So, in the search field, type "accent above" (without the quotes.
The first match is "fermata above".
Only the word "above" is used in the search.

The ignoring of all but the last word in the search term leads to finding incorrect and irrelevant symbols, in the worst case (happens because of incomplete accessibility) the wrong symbol is inserted.

Expected behaviour: the entire search text should be used for the search, not just the last word.

Suggestion: if an exact match is found for the entire search text, this should be top of the search results.

Actual behaviour: as aove, only the last word is used for the search, leading to extra irrelevant results.