Cannot add voices to drum parts

• Jul 28, 2014 - 13:52

I can't figure out what I am doing wrong. I cannot add voices to drum parts in any score. I've read the directions and bugs. When I select a second voice, and start to enter new drum notes, it defaults back to 1st voice and replaces it with the second voice notes. I've tried the "edit voices/exchange" thing. It doesn't seem to help.

I'm sure I'm missing a step somewhere, but I can't find the answer in any tutorial or handbook sections.

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I have tried the instructions word for word, they do not help. When I click on "Voice 2" button, then try to enter drum notes into voice 2 - it goes right back to voice 1 and replaces the voice 1 notes with the new notes for voice 2. Does anyone have a suggestions?

I assume you are talking about the official released version of MuseScore - 1.3 - which is what the Handbook describes. The 2.0 Beta & Nightly builds work differently.

For 1.3, it also matters *how* you enter the drum note. Most drum notes have voice information built in to them, and it's correct for most uses. The drums shown with stems up automatically enter into voice 1, the drums with stems down automatically enter into voice 2. So if you enter drums using the keybaord shortcuts defined in your drum set, those voices are used automatically, regardless of what is selected on the toolbar.

If you enter drums by first click an icon then double-clicking in the score, however, the toolbar controls what voice is used. So if you want to enter a floor tom into voice 2 even though it would normally be in voice 1, then enter note input mode, select voice 2, click the floor tom icon, then double click where you want it to appear. It will still appear with its own hardcoded stem direction (up) by default, so you'll need to press X to flip it. If you enter a note that is normally stem-down anyhow - like bass drum - then of course it will be entered stem down.

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