Markings on Small Staves Remain Full Sized

• Feb 19, 2019 - 23:10

I don't know if this is intentional, but I noticed many of the markings you can attach to staves, notes, et cetera, remain at their full, normal-staff size. This includes fermatas, breath marks, nth endings, slurs, hairpins, glissandos, et cetera. (I've noticed possibly a tuplet in one of my scores may also have this problem, but I cannot recreate it.)
As far as I am aware, this was not the case in Musescore 2, so I thought it might be something worth sharing.

Attached is a score I created to exemplify this.
The first line of music contains articulations that follow the 'small staff' rule, while the rest of the page shows that no matter which staff to which the markings are attached, they remain the same size.

(The slur is hard to notice in the example score, but the screenshot from my score shows it much more prominently, compared to the slur on the Bass staff above.)

Any information can be helpful.
Thank you,
-- Morgan Resendes

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