Range marker

• Feb 20, 2019 - 00:17

In MuseScore 3 I can't seem to get the range marker in the Lines of the Master Palette to work. I wrote a piece for solo Mezzo-Soprano, and when I drag the range marker to the first clef marker, I get the "think twice fella" red circle with a line, and it won't take. What's the trick?


You have to place the "Think twice fella" sign on the clef, not the ambitus. It will be better though still in need of improvement in the next release.

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Like I said, it will be improved in the next release. Currently it's still in need of further improvement, which may or may not happen before the next release in about 5 days. The current improved behavior has the "Think again" sign next to the symbol rather than the current 2 inches away, which is totally confusing. It turns to a pointer when it's OK to drop.

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