Musescore bombs when trying to adjust beams

• Feb 23, 2019 - 02:05

Attached score at bar 87 piano bass line quaver beaming slants wrong way but when trying to adjust this beam handle appears (unattached) in the previous bar. Clicking and trying to move it causes Musescore to crash Brahms Op114 Trio 3rd Mvt.mscz


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Thanks , this works.
But how do I find out the beam setting of an individual note? (apart from changing it specifically)
I have previously had problems adjusting the beaming of groups that span barlines, and joining 2 groups of 3.
And the mess that occurs when beams that span barlines are made to cross line breaks and page breaks is awful!

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There was another bug I should have pointed out, and I guess I will submit a bug report. The beam is trying to attach to the half note in voice 1 at the end of measure 86 (if I remember correctly) and the beam was much higher than it should have been. This is the reason you wanted to manually adjust it. When I changed the beam to "Start Beam" it was redrawn so you probably no longer want it adjusted. In version 2 you could select a beamable note and the palette would highlight the beaming it had if it was anything but following the time signature. I saw discussion of returning this feature today among the programmers. I haven't seen where it was implemented but I hope it will be.

The beams crossing breaks is a long known mess, for about 7 years. I guess it is extremely difficult to fix or it would have been a long time ago. See #16278: Beaming notes over barlines and line breaks.

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I think the file Brahms Op114 Trio 3rd Mvt.mscz gets corrupted. In measure 87, the first chord under the beam is, in fact, the half note in measure 86.
But half notes usually don't have beams. This inconsistency is part of cause of the crash.

However, I've found two more similar samples that cause this type of crash:
Double clicking the first beam of both files, and trying to move it leads to a crash.

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@songchao, You scores were created using a master nightly and should not be used for confirming bugs in 3.0.x. You can feel free to report this, different bug, at, which does need to be done. Make sure you identify the version as 3.x-dev and look at Help->About and copy the build number to the bug report so programmers will have proper info to fix the bug.

The bug discussed here, and already reported, is that the D in the picture has it's beam set to middle. It is trying to beam to the A half note in the measure before. As we know, this is impossible. This is a bug that needs fixed, we know that. The workaround is to set the beaming for that note to Beam start.

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