MIDI input has stopped working--MS3

• Feb 25, 2019 - 00:59

Just when I thought [hoped?] it was safe to go back into the water of MS 3, I am bitten once again!
A few odd quirks, trying several times to increase the size to 150%, waiting a few seconds for an occasional note to sound, etc, but going pretty well. I stopped for dinner and, coming back to my score, the midi input refuses to work. I turned MS3 off, I turned the keyboard off, I turned midi back on, I turned MS3 back on, in the proper sequence--nothing, after 2-3 tries. I am almost done with this piece and now I have no idea when I can finish it.
I can't even figure out a way to transfer this to old reliable, MS2, so as to finish it. Any ideas?
I resolve to avoid MS 3 and use only MS 2 into the future until this is workable!! I do like some of the new features, but there is just too much uncertainty in MS 3.


Without understanding more about your particular system config I can't begin to guess what might be the problem with MIDI for you, but I can suggest two things:

  • MIDI input isn't really faster than good old-fashioned computer keyboard input, or the Piano Keyboard window, so you could simply finish that way.

  • If you don't mind losing a fair amount of detail in terms of manual positioning and so forth, you can always export to MusicXML and import that into 2.3.2

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