Key Signature Self-Changes?????

• Feb 25, 2019 - 04:01

I'm not aware I did anything to cause this. At the beginning of my score, I have set it to Eb (3 flats) and it begins with a 2-beat pickup measure. On measure No. 2, it puts Natural Signs in as a NEW KEY SIGNATURE. I can't delete the Natural Signs. What do I do? Thanks!


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You posted two separate threads and attached the file to the other one, but since there is more response here, I'm continuing that.

I can indeed still see the extra key signature in 3.0.3 and in a build from "master" (which will eventually become 3.1). If you remember anything about how the score got into this condition - what was the last thing you did before the problem appeared - that would be helpful in fixing the bug. Was this score by chance originally created in an older build, say, from the beta?

Meanwhile, to fix your score, right-click a key signature, Select / All Similar Elements, press Delete. Then you can add back the initial key. You need to to do the select all because there are actually C major key signatures in several other measures as well. or you could just click the first C major key signature and delete it, then keep deleting the others that will now appear, until no more show up (there's only a handful).

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