Title page diisplaced

• Feb 25, 2019 - 15:39

Dear MS Forum, some how, when I was editing this score (I think) the title page wound up being on the actual first page of the music. How can I fix this? Please see page one in attachment. Thank You

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SYMPHONY_NO._IV_In_C_Minor_By.mscz 66.33 KB


Highlight what you inserted. Open Inspector and you will see that 'In C Minor' belongs to the title;
Select and in the Inspector choose 'Subtitle'.

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Hi, I'm just now getting around to trying to fix this,have been so busy. I will try that. Yes, I originally had a Title page with the text and the actual score/music started o the first regualr page. I'm sure I accidentally did something when I was editing Thanks Del

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Well I selected the Title and went on master palette and MS will not let me choose/select Page Break. . If I de-select the Title,, then MS lets me choose page break , click on it, etc. but nothing happens with the unselected title title????? What the'----?

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