Hide empty staves for one instrument

• Feb 26, 2019 - 10:26

I would like to hide an instrument from most of the full symphonic score where it does not have a part. However, I would prefer not to do the same for all instruments that sometimes would have whole pages without notes. Can this be done?

I think it is good for a conductor to have the whole range of main instruments on every page to see them roughly in same places all the time, so "hide empty staves" for all would not be good for that. However, a line for Violin solo seems unnecessary and even annoying on all the pages where there is no violin solo. Can I somehow have that line show up only where it is needed, without overall "hide empty staves"?


You can also set one staff to always hide when empty without influencing the other staves. Right-click on the staff you want to hide, select staff/part properties. In the dialog, select "Always" from the dropdown menu labeled "Hide when empty."

Thank you for both suggestions - I did not know such options existed. I was able to hide the solo staff when empty.

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