MuseScore vn 3.0.4 crashing immediately running under High Sierra 10.13.6

• Mar 2, 2019 - 15:16

Having been running MS 3.0.2 with no problems I got a message that 3.0.4 was available, but after three attempts to install I have had to give up. Vn 3.0.4 crashes immediately on starting up. I have had no problems with earlier versions. Is it possible to get vn 3.0.2 back again, please? I enclose screen grab of info about the version which is causing the problem.

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I did the workaround (preferences, etc) and it stayed open for a moment, but as soon as I opened the "Start Center" to set up a new score--crashed again.

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And now...I've started a new score with the startup, started working on it, had to quit the application to restart computer because my headphone jack doesn't seem to be working...reopened Musescore and BOOM--crashing again. Do I need to use the -w workaround every time?

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