uninstall v 3 and reinstall v 2

• Mar 4, 2019 - 23:10

Does anyone know how to uninstall the latest version of musescore. I have been quite happy with version 2 and find the latest version rather unfriendly... don't like it at all. Anyone? Please? Thanks


No reason to uninstall it, they can happily coexist, just download 2.3.2 from the main downlaods page on this site. Meanwhile, feel free to explain what problems you are having with 3.0. It's actually designed to be much friendlier in very many ways, but it does mean a few changes to get used to, which we are very happy to help you with. The benefit to you: it really will save your hours and hours of time you would otherwise need to depend on manual adjustments and other things that MuseScore 3 can now do autoamtically.

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