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• Mar 5, 2019 - 05:18

Good day,

I'm trying to create individual soundfiles (learning aids) in Musescore 3.

In Musescore 2, one simply created the parts (file -> parts -> new all), and then exported each part in the preferred format (I use midi and MP3).

However, when I do this in Musescore 3, the part shows just itself onscreen, as it should - but when the soundfile is created, all the other parts are there too. This also happens when using the "play" function on an individual part.

Is there a fix for this, please?


Look in the mixer (I think as of version 3.0.3) in the top left corner is a play part only check box. If you use a Mac and don't want to upgrade until 3.0.5 comes out (I don't blame you), you can solo that part in the mixer.

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Thanks very much for your reply - I hadn't thought of using Mixer.

I found 2 different fixes, as there's no "play part only" check box (in my version of Musescore 3 anyway - I don't have the latest release yet, it didn't download properly when I tried today).

in Mixer, there is the option to select "solo" (green button" or "mute" (red button) for each part.

Fix 1 is to leave both these buttons alone on the part you are wanting to play, and select "mute" for all the other parts. Fix 2 is to simply select "solo" on the part you want to play. Both seem to work fine, on a quick test.

(For those who are new to this, select View-> mixer, or hit F10, then as described above).

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