playlist with midi files

• Mar 5, 2019 - 13:13

is it possible to create a favorite playlist with midi files that can play numbers of midi files continuously in Muse Score?



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Thanks. I should have been more precise. I want to be able to read-along with the playlist. Either because I want to play the music myself, or just to read-along, continuously or occasionally. Can a midi-playlist display the music as sheet music? Not in my o/s's media player.

MuseScore has so much more potential than has yet been realized. Please see my reply to a comment, here:

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Every media player has its own sounds for MIDI. Some are terrible, some mediocre, some not bad at all. Some media players provide options to use different sounds. For example, I believe VLC can use the same soundfonts as MuseScore. Anyhow, MIDI files are not for someone who cares about the exact sound, that's what audio files are for.

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