Feature Request: Ability to export audio with countin

• Mar 7, 2019 - 18:07

I sure would love to be able to export a WAV file of my MuseScore file that includes the countin. By during a search in the forum, I see that this feature has been requested numerous times over the years. Like others, I want to be able to create audio rehearsal tracks that someone can play, for example, on their phone.

Please note: This is a feature request. I am not asking for a workaround, so please don't tell me to add an extra measure at the front, add a percussion staff, and put in quarter note clicks. I certainly could do that. However, doing so would throw off my measure numbers when I am playing the file from within MuseScore, and would also make me create another staff that I don't want.


To be clear though: you can use Measure Properties to exclude the lead-in measure(s) from the count, and you can also use Edit / Instruments to make the extra staff invisible.

Also, for the time being (in addition to Marc's reply)...

You might consider placing repeat barlines for the first measure (or even the first musical phrase), so that the first measure (or phrase) itself is the 'count-in' for the audio -- sort of like a vamp.
(No extra measure at the front, no extra staff, no throwing off the measure count.)
Then hit 'Undo' after exporting the WAV file and the repeat barlines will disappear, leaving the score intact.
(Of course this presumes that no actual repeat bar lines exist at the very beginning.)

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