A suite

• Mar 9, 2019 - 10:20

I'm making a two-part suite with different instruments and title. How can I do that on Musescore? Thanks.


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Add a chord of grace notes
Grace note chords are built up just like regular chords:
1. Enter the first note of the chord as shown above
2. Select this first grace note and enter subsequent notes as you would for any other regular chord (i.e. Shift+A...G).
You can also create a grace note chord by using the add interval shortcut in step 2: Alt+1...9 for intervals from a unison to a ninth above.

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With the cross staff notation, the clef is attached to the staff where the note is entered, not where it's moved. The problem is that if you double click a clef for a note that has been moved, the clef will stay on the other staff. I have no idea how Shoichi did what he did, I'm waiting for his answer.

If I were to do this, I would enter rests into voice 2 in the bottom staff and make them invisible. I would then select the rest that is in the correct spot and double click the correct clef so it will change the note in the bottom staff. This is not what Shoichi did. The clef seems to be attached to the note somehow.

Edit: I had an idea I just tested. It looks like Shoichi used voice 1 and shortened the rests so there would be a rest in the correct spot. He then entered the clef so it would be on beat 2 in this case, then changed the rest to a whole rest, rather than keeping the measure rest - that looks the same in 4/4 time except for the location in the measure. Using ctrl+shift+delete will turn the rest into a measure rest and leave the clef if you want it for some reason.

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