How to write a suspended cymbal roll on Musescore 3

• Mar 10, 2019 - 04:20

I still can't figure out how to, and i heard the new update has an official sound?


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Perhaps I dont explained you correctly.

I refer: Using the standard instrument. When I play drums (in the real life jaja), I can getting 3 sounds of the Charles (Hi-Hat)
1) When the player hits the charles's cymbal
2) Whan the HiHat close and
3) When the HiHat open

This sounds are on the pallette, yes. But, there is a another sound what happen when the pedal is activated; the charles sound is extending por 1/4 or more pulses, between hits of bass drum and snare drum, acording the drummer decide.

That sound is what I want bring about

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Well, if it's not a sound General MIDI standardizes, then neither MuseScore's soundfont nor other GM-compatible soundfonts are likely to include a sound for it, and the default drumset definition won't include a note for it. You'll need to find a soundfont that includes this, and customize your drumset definition to use it.

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