Chord: Switch Voice & Lose Arpeggio

• Mar 11, 2019 - 06:49

Anyone else notice that arpeggios get deleted when changing an arpeggiated chord from one voice to another?
Friendly video capture:


Maybe this should be entered into the issue tracker...


Not too surprising to me, since we're really moving the notes individually. And yet, at some point we do notice that you've moved them all, so we could take that opportunity to copy over the markings. Could be interesting if there already a chord on the destination beat that had its own markings...

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Indeed, that's because the arpeggio was already there. but now consider, what if there a staccato on the chord in one voice, a tenuto on the other? How about if there were two different lyrics? All I'm saying is, it could be quite tricky to figure out the expected behavior in all the possible cases.

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