Crash when you try to delete a Time signature

• Mar 11, 2019 - 22:54

Problem number one: MuseScore ( crashes, when you select a time signature change and try to delete it.
(My way to get around this problem is to insert one empty bar before and one after the time signature change and then to delete the section of this two bars)

A second, smaller bug is that a clef before the first note in a bar gets (when you save, close and reopen the score) big, a clef before the first note in a system (that can be different to the clef of the system) gets also a big clef and the clef of the system is not drawn anymore.

And as a third thing: If you make a Instrument Change in a Full Score (i.e. from Flute to Piccolo), MuseScore shows from the first complete System with the new instrument on the short name of the new instrument, and this is not changeable. Why isn't it possible any more to double-click on the long and short instrument names and to change it on that way?


In order to investigate, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble with, and precise steps to reproduce the problem.

Regarding 1), there was a known issues where in certain cases deleting a time signature could result in a crash, that particular bug should be fixed in the next update (see #282275: Crash when changing Time Signature in parts). Also see [##282698] which appears like it will be fixed in 3.1

Regarding 2), note there is a difference between adding a clef to a measure (appears full size, before the barline) versus to a note (appears small, before the note). We try to maintain the difference between these but there have definitely been issues, so a sample score and steps to reproduce the problem would help.

Regarding 3), it was never possible to change the behavior of staff names for insrument changes. In the past, it always used the initial instrument name. Now, it always uses the current instrument name. It's possible to edit the current instrument name if you save as MSCX and edit the resulting file in a text editor. Some day as a new feature it would indeed be nice to have this ability within the program.

As for why changing instrument names by double-click is no longer supported, the led to some of the worst and hardest-to-recover-from crashes we've experienced, so we've disabled this rather than risk users losing more data over it. Some day this too may hopefully be addressed.

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For Problem One: ("Vl1"-Files)
I importet the PDF File "KV 329 Vl1 .pdf" (file is from imslp) (to "kv329vl1.mscz") and MuseScore import added a "C" - time signature in bar 81 (bar numbers are not correct in this file because of undetectet multi-measure-rests), in the full repaired score ("Kv 329 Vl1.mszc" it is bar no. 83, in the pdf file it's the second bar of the last system on page 2. If you select the time signature in bar 81 of "kv329vl1.mscz" and delete it, MuseScore (3.0.4, exact version in my first post).

For No. 2: ("Timp"-Files)
i.e. bar no. 37 and 58: In the mscz the clefs appear full size, in bar no. 80 even just the treble clef appears (compare to the pdf file)
to "repair" it: delete the false full size clefs, then insert a treble before the first note/rest in the bar. But if you save the score, close it and reopen it the problem is back.

PS: If there is anyone who likes to get all orchestral parts of this sonata, write it down there or follow me and write me a message on

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I can confirm the crash for 1), it seems to be related to a corruption in the last measure that is not detected by the current version but is by the development versions that will become 3.1. Anyhow, delete that last measure or other fix the corruption, and you can safely delete the time signature.

Regarding 2), I can reproduce this as well. I thought the multimeasure rest might be triggering this, but the same happens without it. I can reproduce from scratch, just add a clef change to the first beat of a measure, it shows small, save and reload, now it's large.

Can you please file official bug reports (separate ones) using Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore, or Support / Issue tracker, above? Set severity to Major, leave other fields at default values.

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