Preferences still returning to default

• Mar 13, 2019 - 14:12

I know that this was an issue in earlier 3.0 versions.
Just downloaded the 3.0.5-x86_64.AppImage.
After made it executable (linux O.S.) and setting the preferences to my taste, everything turns to default
when starting a fresh score.
Can someone confirm this please?


Preferences change when you open a score? I've never heard of that. There were issues with some instllations where preferences reset when starting MuseScor,e but not every time you start a new score. Can you provide more detail Precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem (eg, which preferences are you changing, how are you starting the new score, what do you do or see that lets you know the preferences have reset?)

Or, maybe you don't mean preferences but rather style settings? These are indeed per score, and they always have been going back to 1.0 and earlier. If you want to set a default style for new scores, use Format / Save Style to create an MSS file, then specify that as the default in Edit / Preferences / Score.

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Sorry for my late reply. But I mean the overall settings at "edit > preferences" and then after choosing the "canvas" tab and modifying the Background and Paper settings.
Whatever I choose, NOTHING has been changed after I close and restart that score. Yes, it only changes when the score is still active.
My distro is PCLinuxOS and I am using an AppImage:

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I'm still not understanding. Setting in Preferences are not supposed to be saved as part of the score. They are global. So if you open MuseScore, change a preference like background / paper, it applies to all scores. Open a score, it shows that background. Open another score, it shows that background. Close either of those scores and reopen it, it should still show that same background. Are you saying that all scores except this one are showing the background/paper you selected?

Also, are you just clsoing that score and leaving MuseScore open, or are you actually closing MuseScore? If the latter, then the setting should be indeed be saved as part of your overall MuseScore preferences, same as any other settings in Edit / Preferences (eg, you font size). if you are finding no settings are saved when you close and restart MuseScore itself, that suggests you may have a permissions problem in your home folder.

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"Setting in Preferences are not supposed to be saved as part of the score. They are global."

Yes, as a long time MuseScore user I am fully aware of this.
No, when I, after changing those global settings, all new scores show the default settings no matter what I did.

"are you just closing that score and leaving MuseScore open, or are you actually closing MuseScore?"

That does not matter, in both cases that default setting appears again.

I have tried to install MuseScore 3 in LinuxMint to see if those problems are also in that distro, but
unfortunately their repository does not(yet) have the new 3 version available. I only have version 2 installed in that distro.

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Sorry, this still isn't making sense to me. Let's be extremely precise here. If you do exactly these steps:

1) start MuseScore from prgram icon
2) open a score
3) change background/canvas

  • do you see the change on the currently open score?


4) open another score

  • do you see the change there?

5) close the score you opened at 2)
6) reopen it

  • do you see the change there?


7) quit MsueScore
8) restart from program icon
9) open another score

  • do you see the change there?

If the answers are "yes" all the way up to the end, then "no" after step 9), then it is definitely time to examing the permissions in your home folder, as that is where MuseScore would normally be trying to write preferences. More specifically, it would be a subfolder there (details depend on your OS / installation), so you should also check permissions on anything that looks looks like a good candidate (probably it's a hidden folder).

If the answer to answer of questions prior to the last was also "no", then I'm completely stumped as to how this could possibly happen.

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I created two test scores: test1 and test2.
Answer on question 3: yes
Answer on question 4: yes
Answer on question 6: yes
Answer on question 9: no

Then I again opened test1 and test2 and they again show the default background settings.
I am getting a little bit desperate over here.

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Yes, I know but I also have checked this multiple times and according to me those permissions are O.K.
When I logged in as root and then execute MuseScore, to my surprise then those settings persist!
Haven't done this before and I think I have to go to the PCLinuxOS Forum to see if they have a solution for my problem.
Keep you informed.

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Got your email, but see no reason not to discuss this in public:

Joachim will you please look at this thread on th PCLinuxOS forum:,148890.0.html
Tex, the Administrator/originator of the PCLinuxOS distro refuses to give any help for a certain reason.

Tex's reasons seem to be that MuseScore 3 is not an update to MuseScore 2, which is sort of true (you can install and run both in parallel), and the fact that MuseScore 3 is not backwards compatible (i.e, that MuseScore 2 is not able to read MuseScore3's score, which it true too). but IMHO either is flawed reasoning.
However, I'm affraid I have no influence whatsoever about any Linux distribution maintainer. Nor does anyone else from the MuseScore developers.
Maybe the PCLinuxOS users may be able to some pressure onto the mainteiner, but then again, OpenSource projects are not democracy...

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