Marching Percussion Soundfont Problems.

• Mar 13, 2019 - 20:42

In my most recent upload, I have a problem.

The Marching Percussion soundfonts will not change! For all other instruments when I would change the sounds (picture 1), they would change in the musescore upload. Please answer this ASAP! I would LOVE to keep these instruments in the song.

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Can you explain in more detail what the problem is - how would we reproduce the problem> First step I assume is, download the score you linked to. Then what?

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When creating the score I used the GeneralUser GS soundfont and enabled it in the Synthesizer. Then, when I created the score the default... selection? (the gray box in the picture) is SFX for S.D. I went in and changed to to "MarchingSnare" and all was good until the upload, in which it reverted back to SFX. I hope that helps!

In reply to by Bschwartz does not use GeneralUser GS, but rather the same default soundfont as MuseScore itself. If you wish to use a different soundfont in MsueScore and hear that audio online as well, be sure to check the "Upload score audio" box when uploading, then it will playback with that sound.

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