List of problems with musescore 3

• Mar 14, 2019 - 17:46
  1. it often crashes right after the start menu pops up
  2. sometimes doesn't even open
  3. no rit. / accel. (i know you can fake it but musescore add the damn things)
  4. no _________A__________ pedal mark options
  5. no (working) L.H. pizz or harmonics.


  1. What version exactly and what operating system?
  2. ditto
  3. There's a plugin, currently only for MuseScore 2, but very soon for 3 as well
  4. ?? I think it exists, checl the lines palette
  5. pizz works, L.H. pizz should too (with the same sound). Harmonics work in the sense that you can notate them

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