switch left/right in polyphonic notation

• Mar 15, 2019 - 00:13

How can I achieve notation like this:


If I try to set this in 3.0.5 I always get the ¾ note from voice 1 on the left and the quarter from voice 2 on the right and don’t see a way to change this. (I’m not sure if one could change this in 2.x…)

It’s a bit space-saving because the v1 note can use a bit of the space between the two quarter notes in v2, and everyone finds their notes a bit easier sometimes. (Should be an option. The current default is okay as default.)


You can use offset in the inspector to do that, it is just more trouble than it is worth. I agree we should be able to do that effortlessly with one click or press of a button.

Current layout is standard as per the recognized guidelines from Gould et al. But indeed, you can use the Inspector to move things around and create non-standard layout if you prefer.

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