Quick repeat not working with notes

• Mar 16, 2019 - 12:27


I am using Musescore 3 with Ubuntu and the quick repeat feature (type "R" to duplicate and replace) does not work with notes, only with measures. This is a command I use a lot, any way to fix this please ?

Thank you.



it works for me, I don't know what you're doing wrong. I type things like

5 c up arrow (to make a C# then) r (to repeat it usually because there is a barline there).

I also type

5 c shift+e shift+g 4. r 3 r

to get 3 C major chords in a row that that are 1/4, dotted 8th and 16th notes durations.

It is true it doesn't work if a) you are not in note input mode and b) you have only a single note and not the entire chord/range (eg, with a blue box) selected. Not sure why you'd be trying to repeat individual notes while not in note input mode, but if it's something you do a lot, just be sure to range-select the entire chord (eg, with Shift+click).

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That's confusing. Both a & b must be true for the r key not to work. One more thing, even if you have a single note while not in note input mode, you have to shift click it to select the entire "chord" which includes the stem and any flag or beam and anything else attached to the note. If you exit and reenter note input mode, it will get amnesia so you will not be able to press R to duplicate the last chord.

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I think one reason it is this way is that it would be less clear what "R" should do if only a single note within a chord is selected, particularly if there is already another chord following. It wouldn't necessarily be a problem to just pick a behavior and implement it, though, if someone wanted to submit an official feature request / suggestion to the issue tracker after discussion here to arrive at a consensus.

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