Significant progress on Virtual Pipe Organ/MuseScore instruction page

• Mar 18, 2019 - 16:33

You (Marc, Jojo, Mike, etc) should really look at this and where it has gone. It's about 90% done, but it is already massive, and "where does it belong" should be thought about.


I discovered two happy circumstances about (what I call) SDRC-enabled scores, i.e., those which reference a nonstandard instrument (specifically, a VPO-organ XML "supp. instrument" definition) and throw MIDI actions at the port.

First, my failure to upload such a score the other day was some kind of bug/artifact. One can upload them without complaint . And if you try playing it (on the site), "pianos all the way down", as Turtlemaninoff said. MuseScore doesn't get upset about the MIDI Actions. A quirk is that you can't change the piano to something better via the Mixer; you only get 1 Mixer slot for an n-channeled instrument, and can only change the its first channel.

Second, (and this should have been obvious), you can send the contents to "the wrong organ" without harm (Hautpwerk NEVER stops for "bad/incomprehensible MIDI commands"), if the manuals and channels line up or can be lined up to comport with the score. This could be useful if the use of SDRC was no more than an initial registration setup, but it obviously can't switch manuals or registrations if thse command numbers haven't been programmed into it the way SDRC requires, and if such commands were programmed, it would in fact cause incorrect operation. So there is even a downside to configuring all the controls in SDRC fashion as Jester Musician does in his saved envirnoment for St. Anne's.

I posted two short chorale-prelude mvt on the theme "St Anne" (appropriately), one fully decked out with SDRC for the eponymous Moseley parish, and the other suitable for any 3-manual instrument in visual staff order, both supplied with YouTube as default backing via Hauptwerk (but, by the theorems above, recorded at Giubiasco, which is much prettier than Moseley). I will pack both into the zipfile. (with St Anne SDRC) (VPO/instrument agnostic)

i have renamed the zip-file to, renamed organ.xml to MoseleyHauptwerk.xml, renamed the instrument from "Pipe Organ (Hauptwerk)" to "Pipe Organ (Moseley)" and the instrument-id correspondingly, packed in the scores of the the two little "St. Anne" settings, and updated the document appropriately.

I'd sure like to hear from @Joker Musician (for my one remaining question).

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