Know the pitch range of instruments

• Sep 22, 2009 - 11:15

First of all, I'm very happy to have a free score editor. However, in regard with pitch range marking I find to problems:

  • I find that the new feature that let's you know the pitch range of instruments should be easy to switch off. A professional composer will know that range. Maybe he will want to go beyond instrument normal limits. If you are working with a large score, may be you want to use colors to mark text in a different way.
  • On the other hand, I play cello. I find that "professional" pitch range of a cello can go easily until C4.


Yes, I agree with you that the pitch range markings should be possible for the user to switch off.

Regarding the cello's professional range it goes up to and includes C5 in MuseScore. When writing C4 do you perhaps mean four-line c which is notated C7 in the ASA octave naming system?

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I don't know where would I set the limit. High pitch its not the hardest problem you can find. Many things are easy to do in higher registers than lower, because notes are closer. But it's true that now I can't remember orchestral repertoir which uses notes beyond C6.
However, you will find such high pitches many cello music: Rococo Variations, Haydn D Major, Arpeggione, Frank Sonata.
I won't say that some places in Strauss Don Juan or Heldenleben are easier to play than other virtuoso repertoire.
Anyway, I believe that it's not so important to diferenciate "professional from virtuoso.

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