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• Mar 19, 2019 - 14:36

I'm trying MuseScore on a Windows 10 laptop. When I click on the Format > Style menu, the menu item does not appear. I am unable to click on anything else until I press the Esc key. However, if i click on the Format > Page Settings menu item, this displays ok. I have tried the same version of MuseScore on another laptop and the Style menu option displays correctly suggesting there is something on my laptop preventing it. Can you suggest what might be preventing it please?


I'd bet the dialog does show, but on a different screen, one that isn't connected currently
Better update to 3.0.5, and rrevert to factory settings to get the dialog back onto the main/only screen

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Thanks for your help on this. Just tried the same on a separate laptop and it displays the dialog without showing a second instance on the taskbar - similar to your experience. So, if it is outside the screen as you suggest, any idea how to retrieve it? I would normally right-click on the icon on taskbar and select move but that isn't an option here.

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Resolution - no sign of the dialog
Show Desktop - no sign of the dialog
Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow - no sign of the dialog
Shift key while right-clicking the program in the taskbar - no right-click menu appears
Cascade Windows - shows Musescore window but not the Style dialog
Maximize - no right-click menu displayed while Style menu has been selected. When Style dialog is cancelled (Esc key), Musescore window can be moved/maximised, etc.

I've also tried re-installing Musescore 3 and hiding the taskbar with no success.

Will look at reverting to factory settings and the suggestions for displaying the mixer menu next.

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Sorted. Thanks to Jojo-Schmitz for identifying the initial problem - the dialog was well off the bottom of the screen and to Shoichi for the link to the documented problem. Once I got the dialog back it was too large (as were some other dialogs) and impossible to resize. I then found that the display scaling was set at 150%. Reducing it to the recommended 100% made the text too small but 125% seems reasonable. As long as the regular user is OK with this setting, all is well.
Many thanks for your time on this.

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