Exporting PDF's different instruments from main partiture comes with wrong scales

• Mar 19, 2019 - 20:40

Since the last to updates in Musescore 3 I have problems with the scales.
When a score has to be played in C it has the scale of A.
Who can help me?

Thanks in advance,


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It looks like you have tried to do what musescore does automatically. If you delete all of your parts then redo the parts using new all, you will get the instruments in the correct key. You have tried to do everything manually The score I have attached has concert pitch turned off, so everything is shown properly transposed. I have deleted all of the parts, then clicked File->Parts then clicked New All and OK. The results are what I expect, including the E-flat saxes in the key of C. MuseScore did everything else automatically.

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Ciribiribin in Es.mscz 184.97 KB

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Indeed, in the score you attached everything is oke.
Nevertheless, it is strange that, when concert pitch is turned on, the exported parts come with in incorrect key.
First of all, I can go further with my arrangement in this way, thank you very much for your quick and helpfull response!

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