Flexi-score: is it possible to easily export a part in different keys for various transposing instruments

• Mar 19, 2019 - 23:07


I have written pieces for a Brass band meeting as a flexi-score, i.e I have written 4 voices in C that will be dispatched depending on the instruments available.

Is there anyway to export one part in C, Bb, Eb and F (and sometimes treble AND bass key) without "creating new instruments" and "copy/paste" a million tines. Since I have several movements and the "album/join scores" is currently not available, that would take forever.

Thank you very much and long lives Musescore.



The easiest way to do this would be to select the tab for a part and export the part to a .mscz file and change the instrument in the new file. It's would be a new file, but the work would be minimal since transposition would be automatic.

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Thank you Mike, I will try this. Do you also know any way to "append" scores to another despite the fact that the "album" feature is currently not active ? I tried the "page break/create bar/copy the content of a another project" technique but all the a.o. time signatures are missing.

Afterwards: sometimes maybe it's necessary to change the octave. Select all notes and press ctrl+arrow up/arrow down.

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