Where (code) does MuseScore issue "Resets" to MIDI instruments?

• Mar 21, 2019 - 15:44

Somewhere, MuseScore issues what it thinks is a "reset" to Midi-connected instruments, on VPO organs resetting all the stops. There are clearly (several) "Reset" actions in Joker Musician's MIDI Action list in his instruments.xml, but I'd like to see where in the code it is looking for this, what exactly it is looking for and where, and in what circumstances it does it. I am skilled in C++.



OK, found the 2500-line module; all I have to do now is figure it out. It seems to know about specific nonstandard rendering engines (e.g., Aeolus)....

I have figured this out, das letzte Mysterium -- It is the "program" (i.e., which MIDI patch) ability being abused. MS apparently (reasonably) sends out the value of "program" before (understand!) and after (not so much) a "play". JM has the St Anne "general cancel" button bound not "program change 0" (easily undone -- then you have to manage clearing registrations beforehand manually yourself). But at least this is understood now).

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