Play Panel won't dock into work area any more (and wouldn't stay there when it did)

• Mar 21, 2019 - 23:30

I like to work with the Play Panel tidily docked into the work area where it won't obscure part of the score, along with the Palettes and Inspector panels. In MS3.0.5 this seems to have stopped working. The work area did turn blue on one attempt to drag the Play Panel into the work area, but it won't go in there.

In the previous version (3.0.4) it would dock into the work area, at least after several attempts. Even then, however, the tabbed panel wouldn't stay visible between one MS session and the next. The only tool panels which persist between sessions seem to be Palettes, Inspector and Selection Filter.

I hope these changes aren't intentional!



Are you on macOS? A few other Mac users have said they are finding it difficult to dock windows. For me on Windows 10 it works fine though.

As for controlling which windows show on startup, see Edit / Preferences.

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No, Windows 10 (64bit).

I was starting the Play Panel from the View menu but I hadn't tried checking Show Play Panel in Preferences. I always opened it using the View menu and it wouldn't dock even after restarting several times. After reading your suggestion, I tried checking Show Play Panel in Preferences. Docking still didn't work - until I restarted MS3. Then it did!

What is more, I could now drag the Play Panel into the work area regardless of the Show setting. So I wonder whether failure to dock was a "first time only" bug? Maybe the workaround is to check Show Play Panel at least once, then restart.

A relatively minor irritation is that the Play Panel still closes on restarting MS, regardless of whether Show Play Panel is checked. It's not hard to pick the Play Panel from the View menu, of course, although you still have to drag it into the work area the first time if you want it docked. Then it stays there as long as you want for the rest of the session. Still, I'd prefer it if the Play Panel would persist between sessions in its chosen state (docked or undocked), like the Palette and Inspector panels. It would be even better if all the panels were made consistent in that respect; okay, the Piano Keyboard could be excused:-).

cheers, Vic

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Correction: The Play Panel does reappear on startup as long as Show Play Panel is checked in Preferences. But it won't start docked.

Incidentally, the Inspector Panel is for some reason exceptionally hard to dock, although it will succeed after several attempts. Maybe that's what other users have complained of, and it applies to Windows too.

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