Writing sticking for drums. Any way to put lyrics or staff text above dynamic markings instead of below?

• Mar 22, 2019 - 00:37

Topic explains most of it. I've tried several things in the style menu, but couldn't figure anything out


Chose a lyric change the placement in the inspector to above and click the S to the right of it to apply to all lyrics in the score.

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Nope.. stacking order of specific elements is hardcoded and based on musical consensus (such as lyrics should go below dynamics).

When you use the lyrics elements for something other than lyrics, MuseScore's psychic powers fail to understand that. The only way is to disable autoplacement for at least one of the type of elements (be it lyrics or dynamics in this case) and position them manually (and thus also spot and resolve any collisions manually.

The order of elements is fixed, but I'd suggest not using lyrics or staff text but instead using fingering. These will default above, but you can flip them below with "X" (either individually or en masse). And you can use Space while entering fingerings just as you would with lyrics to quickly enter one for each note.

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