Transposing a concert pitch bass clef part for Eb tuba to the equivalent treble clef part

• Mar 23, 2019 - 07:21

I am a first time user and am trying to transpose a bass clef part being played by an Eb tuba to the equivalent part written in treble clef. I need to be able to appropriately navigate through the various menus. Help please?!


In EDIT----INSTRUMENT, choose the instrument you want and enter it in your score. After simply copy and paste the stave of Tuba Eb in the new stave, and Musescore do all the things, keys, transpose, sharps flats etc

You can also right click on the staff and choose staff/part properties and click the change instruments button above the Instrument name. If you search for Tuba at the bottom of the instruments list you will see the E-flat and B-flat tubas in the treble clef. As Raymond said, all of the transposition will happen automatically when you do this.

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