Modify default for filling measure with rests

• Mar 23, 2019 - 13:34

There are a number of situations currently where the default behaviour to fill a measure with rests after adding a note leads to non-standard notation. For example, after adding a dotted crotchet at the start of a 6/8 bar, the last half of the bar is filled as a quaver rest followed by a crotchet rest. However, standard notation would have the last half of the bar filled as a crotchet rest followed by a quaver, or perhaps with a dotted crotchet rest (not my favourite!). Another example is when notating a bass part for a waltz with just a crotchet on beat 1 of every bar. The bar is filled with a minim rest, rather than two crotchet rests.

Examples of standard notation are described here for example:…

And also in "An ABC of Music" by Imogen Holst.

Holst ABC - Rests.jpg

It would be nice if MS used the standard groupings as a default. And as an enhancment, perhaps the user could be allowed to modify default rest fills in a similar manner to defining beaming groups for different time signatures. So for a 3/4 time signature the default would be shown as three crotchet rests; for 6/8 it would be shown as crotchet-quaver-crotchet-quaver rests, but these would be editable for those who prefer non-standard (or perhaps different standard - one doesn't want to be judgemental!) notation.


I thought I had put in a suggestion to allow the user to define rest patterns like they do beaming patterns in the key signature definition, but I'm not finding it.

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That's not what I thought I had requested, though it's relevant to this conversation. I requested the ability to set the rest pattern in a similar manner to the beaming pattern in time signatures, so starting a 6/8 measure with a dotted quarter note could leave the rests that the user expects. Musescore NEVER gets this right, I always change it when in any time signature but 4/4 or C.

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