6/8 rest grouping issues

• Mar 5, 2010 - 07:01
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S4 - Minor

In 6/8 and the other /8's the rests should be grouped in 2 dotted crotchetswhere currently they are grouped in 3 normal crotchets see attachment

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Why is this still an issue two years later? Compound time signature rests should follow maestro_hanson's second example in his attachment. Please fix this.

Not only are the rests acting like the quarter note is getting the beat when I try to use 6/8, but the tempo is behaving like the quarter note is getting the beat when I play it back, and that is throwing my work off quite a bit.

Hi Nathan. I hope things are getting better.

Your comment about the tempo problem has been discussed, so if you search the site you will get up to date on it.

A small point: since the tempo problem is not related to the other problem here, it should be in it's own thread.


FWIW, I checked, and this is still active. Would be nice is the auto-fill algorithm obeyed common time signature conventions for rests. But since you would normally be entering the rests yourself anyhow, I'd consider this relatively minor.

I notice the groupoing rest attachement as in x8 mesure beaming is like we see in edited sheet music with 3 8th note long.
Reest semms to follow 2 8th note long
another example you insert a quarter in a 6/8 mesure you should get your quarter and a 8th note rest and then a quarter with a note rest (or a quarter rest and a 8th note rest)
I got a rest that last 2 quarter (how it is called ?)