Moving the Score Around While in the Note Input Mode

• Mar 25, 2019 - 14:51

It takes me several run-thrus to complete a score, the first run-thru being the entering of notes, the second on being the entering of chords, etc. During these times I find myself constantly going back and forth in the note input mode to move the score around. For example:
I find an incorrect chord near the start of the score.
I fix it.
I then move the score around until I find the next instance of the bad cord.
I fix it.
Then I find a wrong fingering somewhere in the score.
I fix it.
Then I have to shift the score around to find the next instance of the wrong fingering, etc. etc.
Is there a way I can move the score up and down or left and right, or both, while still remaining in the note input mode?


If you have a mouse wheel you can spin it to move up and down and press shift while you spin it to move left and right.

And for the record, on computers that have touchpads instead of physical mice (or the mouse lacks a wheel), usually there is a gesture like two-finger swipe that does the same as the mouse wheel.

However, I think you'll find you still need to toggle note input mode here and there to do what you describe, after all, the note input cursor will still be right where you left it. Unless you want to further slow things down by entering notes with mouse only. And of course, fingerings are best entered while not in note input mode anyhow, etc.

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