Cannot Upload Files to View in Forum

• Mar 25, 2019 - 19:07

I have apparently forgotten how to do this. I spent about 1/2 hour this morning but was unsuccessful. When I drag and drop an image into the upload area I get the red circle with the red slash through it, and when I select a file to upload and then preview the message, I get a red statement that the file cannot be found. Everything worked a couple days ago but no more. Why is this?


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Okay I think I found the answer. I was not placing the insertion point at the end of the filename in the File Information box before clicking "Insert". I just clicked "Insert".
I find it kind of odd that I cannot see the insertion point if I place it after the filename.

I noticed too that the last time this operation worked, a message near the top of the Preview comment said something like "return to post" and I always had to click on that to continue. Now I don't see that message when I preview a post, but I do see my original post below the preview instead of the message at the top.
Thank you for your help.

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So after posting the above message I went back to writing a post and uploading a file to it. I'm still getting the red circle with a red slash in it no matter if I attach a PNG or a JPG file. That's very peculiar because before I posted the previous message I checked and double-checked my process and was able to upload, and view, both the PNG and the JPG files by doing the following:
1. I uploaded a file by dragging it into the File Information box. The filename, the Insert word, and a box with a green checkmark in it underneath the Display heading appeared.
2. Then I moved the insertion point (the one that I cannot see) to just after the filename in the File Information box and clicked Insert. The green checkmark disappeared, and when I clicked Preview, I got the NOT FOUND: message.
Still not sure what I did wrong.

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