Musescore 3 to 2

• Mar 26, 2019 - 11:26

I've followed these instructions: Format: to open a musescore 3 file in musescore 2, export the file in MusicXLM format to open it with version 2. (File: Export - Uncompressed MusicXLM)
but when I try to open this format, Musescore 2 says it can't open it. I tried both compressed and uncompressed. Thank you for any help. - Sandy


The extension is "musicxml", not "MusicXLM". Did you select this "file of type" under File->Export...? If this doesn't work, maybe attache your score.

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Thanks. Yes it worked. Apparently, even though the directions had said "Uncompressed," I should export it as 'Compressed.' I had thought I'd tried it both ways before but it worked this time. Thanks so much for your help. Using the newer version (3) of musescore is a pain for me having to re-learn where everything is. My keyboard isn't synced with 3 either.

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